Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common and important questions!
How much do the courses cost?

The Boat/PWC (jetski) or Boat only course is $140.


The PWC (jetski) only course is $100.

How long does the certificate last?
12 months from the date of issue, printed on the certificate.
I have a group of friends and we want to have a private course at our home.
If you have a group of 10 or more we are happy to organise a course in your location at a suitable commercial venue. Transport Safety Victoria have rules for where a training course can be held. The premises must be a commercial premise, it must comply with OH&S requirements, have suitable toilets and a reasonable size to take into account the comfort and safety of students participating in the course.

Get in touch for more information.

What should I bring when I attend this training course?
We recommend you bring snack foods to eat during the course, a black or blue pen, suitable identification (refer to Evidence of Identity page on this website) and the course fees in cash.
What happens if I don't pass the test?
You will be given further training and retested again on the day of training. You can only be tested twice on any given day. No further course fees will be paid for further training and testing in the days following the course date. Further training and testing costs will be met by SBLT.
How long does the course go for?
The total course time is 4 hours. The first half a hour will be registration/Admin followed by three hours of training and then finishing up with thirty minutes of testing.
What are the Assessment Process and Requirements?
The assessment is conducted under test conditions where each participant is handed a question sheet and answer sheet.

There are 30 multiple choice questions for the boat component and you are required to get minimum 26 correct to be found competent.

There are 15 multiple choice questions for the PWC (jetski) component and you are required to get minimum 13 correct to be found competent.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

SBLT courses often ‘sell out’ quickly which means there can be limited places available with a number of people placed on a waiting list. We understand personal circumstances can change for various reasons, so in order to be fair to everyone we ask that you notify us of any cancellation prior to the course so as to allow us to book others in (even notifying us on the morning prior to course will suffice). If this is the case, please notify us via phone call or text 0400 159 372 or email at [email protected].

Once you notify us of a course cancellation you will be offered the opportunity to carry your booking forward to another course date.

Your courtesy and kind consideration is appreciated. Thank you, John & Beth

Cancellation by SBLT

SBLT may cancel a course, if a course is cancelled by SBLT all participants will be entitled to a full refund of any monies paid. At the discretion of the participant they may choose to instead use the refund owed to them as credit for another course enrolment.

Eligibility for enrolment.
Pursuant to regulation 30 of the Marine Safety Regulations 2012 (Vic) the following persons are not eligible to apply for a marine licence:

  • A person who is disqualified from obtaining a marine licence, during the period
    of that disqualification
  • A person who is the holder of a marine licence that has been suspended, during the period of that suspension
  • A person who is disqualified from obtaining a licence or other authority to be the master of or to operate a recreational vessel under
    • (i) the law of another State or Territory, or
    • o (ii) the law of another country, in circumstances which, if they occurred in Victoria, would have resulted in the person being disqualified from obtaining a marine licence in Victoria
  • A person who is the holder of a licence or other authority to operate a recreational vessel issued by another State or Territory that has been suspended, during the period of that suspension
  • Persons aged under 16 years of age are not eligible to obtain a personal watercraft endorsement

Applicants should also note that they will be required to meet the health requirements for operating a car, motorcycle or boat and this may include further testing where appropriate.


What if I have special needs?
SBLT caters for persons with special learning needs.


Our trainer is experienced & a professional teacher, who will guide you through the course in a relaxed environment.

To attend a course participants need a reasonable standard of literacy and numeracy and a good understanding of the English language.

Please get in touch to discuss your learning needs prior to attending a course.

I have my boat licence and I just want to get my Jestki endorsement. Do I have to sit through the whole course?
Yes. The jetski component is one part of the course, but there is information all through the course that relates to both boats and jetski that is ‘required knowlegde’ to pass the jetski test.
How old do I need to be to attend a course?
12-15 year old’s are eligible for a restricted boat and PWC licence, student’s must complete all the same testing as a full boat licence however will have some restrictions placed on their licence.

From 16 years and older students are eligible for a full boat licence.

* Students can attend a boat licence course from 11 years of age, however are not able to have the actual licence issued at VicRoads until they turn 12.

Are there any requirements to attend the PWC (jetski) only course?
Yes, the participant must already have a valid Boat licence.
Can I use the certificate as a licence?

No. You must attend a VicRoads Office, hand over the training certificate and pay the licence fees to obtain your actual licence. The Vic Roads License Fees are as follows (for initial issue of a marine licence VicRoads only offer a 5 year licence):

  • 5 year General Marine licence – $188.00

  • 5 year General Marine licence with PWC endorsement – $213.50

  • 5 year Restricted marine licence – $94.00

Prices correct as at 04/11/2021. SBLT does not include the licence fee paid to VicRoads.

Can I use the certificate in NSW?

NSW residents are more than welcome to sit our course and tests. Once successful, you then take your certificate to VicRoads, pay $206 for 5-year licence and have your photo taken. After receiving your licence in the mail you will need to transfer your Victorian Marine Licence (with or without PWC endorsement) back onto NSW at RMS as soon as possible. Extra RMS fees also apply.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a NSW resident you cannot boat on NSW waterway with a Victorian Marine Licence.